Greetings to everyone,

PIP:     The first PIP last Friday was great.  It was well attended and some people offered new party ideas.  If you have any ideas for parties and want to help in the planning of those, let us know.  The more the merrier.  Currently we are having PIPs every quarter.  Spontaneous parties are always fun too, though.

KEYS:     A set of keys was found on the outside of the park, near one of the posts, on Periwinkle.  They are for a VW on a Bath & Racquet key ring.  (Perhaps someone from the Saturday party dropped them.)  I will hold onto the keys for a few weeks.

LOCKS:     Park users:  PLEASE be sure you properly lock the gate at all times.  It was not properly locked this morning – anyone could have gained access.  The padlock must be looped on all loops; please check the gate once you have relocked it.  This is important to our security and liability.

VARMINTS:     We all know how many raccoons we have around here; there numbers seem to be multiplying.  Please be sure your food waste is properly stowed in a garbage can with a secure lid.  (I am an offender of this – and will get a new can with a lid.)

That’s it!!  Enjoy the day.


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