Coral Cove Committees

CORAL COVE CIVIC ASSOCIATION – Committees and Organized Events

MEMBERSHIP: Maintain an up-to-date log of all current members and their contact information; assist with collection of dues and other membership data; monitor homes for sale – communicate with listing realtor; contact new owners to join Association. (Current Committee: Kate Carter)

HOSPITALITY: Designate dates for parties in the park; maintain all party supplies (two boxes) and make available when needed for Association events. Plan and coordinate any Association sponsored events. (Current Committee: None)

LANDSCAPE LIGHTING: Landscape, holiday, trees in the park. (Current Committee: Sue Kelly, Gray Lawry, Julie Lohr)

STREET LIGHTING: Safety lighting for streets. (Current Committee: Julie Lohr, Gray Lawry, Dean Osmolski)

YARD SALE: DIY this year as a test – perhaps no more need for a wide-spread community event.

SPRINKLER: Monitor all sprinkler systems in triangle and main entrance. (Current Committee: Jim Scott)

COMMUNICATIONS: Manage all communications within the CCCA. (Current Committee: Kate Carter)

CORAL COVE HISTORY: Review and organize all existing history files; possibly digitize for future preservation. (Current Committee: None)

BOATING: Manage all boating and ramp activities. (Current Committee: Tawni Scott, Jim Scott, Scott Atkins, Doug Lohr. COMMITTEE FULL)

PARK MANAGEMENT: This is a combined committee of Hospitality, Lighting, Boating, Membership all working together.

LANDSCAPING: Day To day management of all landscaping needs. (Current Committee: Doug Lohr, Susan Kelly)