2019 Coral Cove Fall Bash!



2018 Saturday Work Crew 

2017 Halloween Party!

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2016 Holiday Decorating

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2016 Halloween Party!

The Halloween party hosted in the park and organized by Ana and David Varone was so much fun!  We are fortunate to have them (and their twins!) to plan these parties for our community kids.  Thank you Ana & David!!!

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Coral Cove’s rescued manatee

Late September 2015, a resident of “Buccaneer Bay”, the neighborhood to the North of Coral Cove, noticed three manatees had been lingering in Matheny Creek for several days without moving.

Fish and Wildlife was called and a rescue operation was immediately begun. A young female manatee was rescued and taken to Lowry Zoo for treatment and recuperation. We named her “Coral Hope” and followed her progress with neighbors from Buccaneer Bay. (The zoo named her Resota.)

Coral Hope was hospitalized for five months with a punctured lung, pneumonia and many propeller scars on her back. She healed well and her release back into the ICW was scheduled for March 2016.

The release of Coral Hope was at the same location of her rescue-the park in Coral Cove. The hope is her family might still be in the area and she would also possibly recognize where she was once again. She weighed in at 1100lbs- her age is unknown.

A crowd of well-wishing Coral Cove and Buccaneer Bay neighbors successfully released “Coral Hope” back into the ICW. Just before she swam out of sight, she flipped her back flipper slightly out of the water as if to say… thank you and farewell.


Happy Holidays! From our Carolers


Karaoke in the Park!

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Halloween Fun 2015

Our beautiful new dock 2015

Our fabulous volunteers cleaning up the park 2015

Building the new boat ramp